worth a shot

So, if you came in to the shop last week and had some espresso you might have noticed something a little different, well that is because it was different. We are always looking to learn and improve how things are done around here, from the way we organize our supplies, to the blend that makes our espresso.

In recent weeks we have been carrying a great coffee from Finca Santa Teresa in Mexico, sweet and creamy, and well balanced are all characteristics found in this Single-Origin and we liked it so much we wanted to go a step farther. Now usually our Espresso Divino will carry in it up to 6 different coffees to bring out just the characteristics we all have grown to love around here, but last week’s experimental blend we dropped to 3. It was pretty delicious, hopefully you had the opportunity to try it. It boasted notes of tart cherry with a light body and clean finish, but what it did seem to lack was depth.

Espresso Divino can be characterized a lot of different ways; dried fruit, bakers chocolate, nutty, big-bodied, and most definitely deep. Depth is a characteristic in espresso that once you experience, it is hard to want anything besides it. And so, though we did enjoy a brief change to expand our knowledge in espresso blending, we are back to what we are loved for. Come in today and enjoy Espresso Divino as a macchiato or in a latte, and if you mention this post today before 2, enjoy it straight for free.

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