We bid farewell to Venti

This Monday we made a change to the menu. It has been almost a week and has been recieved rather well.

We have taken a step forward to continue in improving quality at our shop, as well as consistency. Removing Venti as a size option on the menu came as a decision for us for a few reasons, the biggest of all being consistency. We had been offering a size to go that you couldn’t get to enjoy here, and often it would create confusion more than anything else. So for us to ensure consistency across the board on drink sizes we took away out Hot 20oz option, but what we are really excited about is the arrival of our new 8oz Paper Cups. ¬†We do still offer 20oz in cold beverages because on those hot summer days we are so used to getting, sometimes 16oz just isn’t enough.

For us, as we are striving to push the levels of excellence, it is big to clear up any of the confusions that can often be created in this industry. We are happy to get the chance to start, and look forward to helping you out along the way as we make things better and better.

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