Warm Weather, Cold Brew

Well here in Oklahoma it seems that the weather can’t ever really make up its mind, but one thing is for certain, when Summer finally does arrive it will be hot. Hot weather and hot coffee in most people’s minds just don’t mix very well, not to worry though, there is always a good solution to that. That’s right, Cold Brew is back!

Cold Brew, a term used for none other than coffee brewed using cold water. It’s ingenious and completely original, I know, but just because there is no mystery to the name itself, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for the taste of this delicious beverage. Our brewing method takes around 12 hours in which the coffee is left in cold water in the refrigerator to extract. Because we use cold water the whole way through, there is no heat to draw out all of the oils and acids that hot brewing does, and even though those oils and acids are often great components to a spectacular cup, sometimes it is nice to take a break from kick, and enjoy something a little smoother.

Think of Cold Brew as a softer, smoother cup of coffee brewed specifically for consuming cold. And since we make it cold, the best part is there won’t be any diluted flavors from pouring hot coffee over ice or pulling hot shots for Americanos. We think it’s delicious, so much so that often we can get the usual customer who loads up on cream and sugar to taste it black, and usually enjoy it that way. We hope you will too.

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