Square Up

So, as we have mentioned before, changes are happening around here right and left, and though they may catch you off guard from time to time, trust us, we are doing it for you. As we continue to grow and get better in the way we are brining you coffee we are attempting at the same time to make your experience here at Nordaggios the most convenient and all around great in the way you get your coffee.

Our latest transition has been in the way we are ringing you up. A great app has been on the market for a while that is for Point of Sale (POS) transactions in shops. This app is called SquareUp, and it is an incredible way for us to service you. Right from the beginning you will notice a change when you walk up to our register and see a little iPad sitting in the place of our old register. This register is going to be big in how we are able to assist you in your coffee buying. Not only is it making it easier and quicker for us to ring you up, but you, as a consumer have the ability to download the Square Wallet app for your smartphone, and after setting up your app, can now pay directly from your mobile device.

No need to fumble around in your purse or pockets anymore. With Square we can keep track of you regular orders making it easy to get your favorite drink, even when you get all the way here and realize you forgot your wallet. We also have great new rewards through our POS which, just for using the Square app on you phone will immediately get you 15%off your first purchase. Customer loyalty is big, and we want to take care of you when you have so often taken care of us. Use the app, redeem discounts through purchasing, and keep yourself connected to all we have going on at Nordaggios.

Follow us on twitter @nordaggios Look out for Groupon deals, and keep in touch. We want to keep you caffeinated. Enjoying all we have to offer as often as you can, because we love serving you.

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