Spoiler Alert!

Yesterday I told you to keep your eyes peeled for another great surprise from us and today, it has arrived. We haven gotten ourselves another natural coffee at the shop, and once I started sipping on it, I just didn’t want to stop.

Our latest coffee arrival is a Natural Sun-Dried Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from the Kersa, Gelana Abaya region.

If you aren’t sure why I am emphasizing the “natural’ part of this coffee, don’t worry, it’s not because our other coffees are un-natural, it all grow from the ground. Natural, in this instance deals with how the coffee was processed, or dried, after being picked from the tree.

A naturally processed coffee, once picked, is left in the berry from which it grows and dried for any number of days depending on who the producer or farmer is. (Everyone has their own personal techniques.) Once the cherries have completely dried, they are then taken to be processed by separating the cherry skin from the bean. This process always leans towards very juicy, fruity, sweet flavors, and that is exactly what we have in this coffee.

You will have to wait until next week for us to start using it behind the bar, as we still have our delicious Sumatra and Chiapas available, but it will be sitting on our shelves starting today for use at home, and trust me, it is worth the purchase. I was so enticed by it that I had to take a bag home with me, and I can get it at work everyday.

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