Reserve Series: Inaugural Roast – Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha A+

We will often get asked by customers if we heard about the latest coffee shop offering ridiculously expensive coffee at their shop and the conversation will usually lead to one of two questions, or even both: Why does the coffee cost so much? and Why don’t you guys ever sell coffees like this. Often the questions fall in this order because it is a natural progression of conversation as we begin to explain why it would ever be worth paying so much for a bag of what most people consider to be one of the most generic things on the planet.

So why is it worth paying so much more than what you usually would for a “special” bag of coffee? Well, if you aren’t aware, coffee is as much produce as your generic apple and orange at your local grocery store. Sure a bag of coffee won’t rot and ruin the rest of the bags of coffee sitting around it, but it does have a shelf life, and a lot of hard work has gone in to crafting just what your coffee will taste like, all the way down to how it was initially planted.

Reserve coffees are all around, and they go for a premium price because of how perfectly crafted they are. With care taken every step of the way, from the time the coffee was a sapling, to a cherry, to a dry bean waiting to be bagged and sent across an ocean to a warehouse where your favorite roaster will find it and decide it is worth roasting. Without all the care that goes in a lot of defects and funky flavors are bound to make there way into your cup, and when you take the time to keep all those things away from the coffee, it can sometimes be worth paying more so that you can experience how incredibly dynamic coffee can be.

Now just because a coffee doesn’t cost you $30 a pound doesn’t mean it can’t also be wonderful, because they can, and often are, but the coffees that do are basically saying, “You won’t be disappointed, trust us.”

Well now we want to offer you the ability to find those incredible coffees that just might blow your socks off here at Nordaggios too. This week we introduce our Natural Yemen. What is incredible about this coffee aside from how delicious it is is that it carries a bit of history with it too. The port of Mocca, in Yemen is one of the worlds original coffee ports that shipped coffee to everywhere, and that is just where this coffee comes from. On top of that, being natural processed is how this coffee would have originally tasted hundreds of years ago when it first started making its way across the globe.

Enjoy a trip in history to experience coffee the way it was enjoyed by the earliest of travelers who made it so prevalent for all of us today. You will find lots of wonderful fruit flavors in this cup, sweet as a banana, savory as chocolate, and as delightful as blueberry pie. We hope you get the chance to try this coffee and enjoy it while it lasts.

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