Happy Thanksgiving

In just a couple of days we will all be sitting down around dining tables with friends and family enjoying Large slices of turkey, over-sized helpings of mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, hot baked bread and lots and lots of pie. We are grateful for the opportunities to spend time with people we care about and one thing that makes any holiday just that much better is a delicious cup of coffee.

Well, we have just the coffees you need fresh roasted on our shelves and ready to be brewed to perfection for all your guests. Our latest addition to the shelves we have been really excited about, and they will make beautiful additions to any holiday setting.

Our Colombia, Vereda La Argentina is a classic tasting Colombian coffee. With a full sweet body and abounding in crisp acidity, it will pair perfect with holiday sweets, especially the chocolates and pecan pies.

The Sulawesi, Tana Toraja is another coffee we were really excited to here was hitting the shores this year. With a big mouthfeel, savory truffle and lots of herbaceous qualities, if you like coffee with your meal then this is the way to go. It would also pair deliciously well with a slice of pumpkin pie as the spicy and veggie complexities of both with continue to complement each other through every bite.

We still have a few of our other great coffees on the shelf to. Look out for the Honduras that will make a great morning coffee and the Kiambu from Kenya that will leave you wanting more. Sd to say it, we recently came to the end of our Natural Yirgacheffe, Gelana Abaya. It was a beautifully sweet, juicy and floral coffee that will be missed. Hopefully you had the chance to experience just how delicious and surprising a naturally processed coffee can taste. If not, we look forward to finding another great one to bring to you in the future.

Thanks for reading, keep on drinking, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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