Cup of Excellence

So we have had a few coffees around here in the past that have made our customers raise their eyebrows. Mostly because they have a title on them that you may have never heard of before, that title is Cup of Excellence.

The Cup of Excellence (COE) is the most esteemed award given for top coffees. Just about every Central American country holds its own COE and winning awards from this competition is very prestigious. The awards are part of a strict judging process of coffees from an individual country for each growing year and are selected and tasted by internationally renowned cuppers from around the world. There are multiple rounds of tasting that each coffee has to make it through just to get into the final round of awards and only the coffees that continuously score high make it there. The final coffees are awarded COE titles and sold to the highest bidders through auction.

To learn more about just what it takes to become a COE winner check out the website.

A couple months back we were carrying an award winning COE from El Salvador that was a superbly clean cup of coffee and sold quick even with the higher price is claimed. Well brace yourselves, because starting today, we are featuring Lot #19 from 2011 Guatemala COE and it won’t cost you a penny more than any other. We are even serving it as our house coffee for the weekend.

This coffee has impressed us even more than the El Salvador we carried back in March. It hails from the Santa Barbara Guatemala. Wet-processed, revealing an intensely clean and balanced cup. Look for hints of tropical fruit and apricot; a syrupy quality with great balance, body and a savory finish. We are impressed with this coffee and can’t wait for you to come get your hands on some, whether by the pound or via French Press, hurry because it won’t last long.

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