Caffeinated Christmas

Happy Holidays!

The season has come quickly upon us. Our faithful college folks have left for the break and things have slowed down around here a bit. But even in the cool days leading up to Christmas we still make a mean latte. The fire place is blazing and the lights are cozy. It is a perfect time to finally come relax and not be overwhelmed with studies.

Along with that, as you head out to see family or they come in to visit you make sure you treat them right with warm mugs of their favorite caffeinated beverages. We have fresh roasted coffees hitting our shelves today just in time for all your parties and get togethers. Be sure not to miss out on the great coffees we have to offer so that you can offer them along with any dish.

We brought back our Natural Gelana Abaya, Yirgacheffe just for the occasion. It is our last bag so get it while you still have the chance. The bright blueberry and rich bourbon flavors should go great with dark rich desserts.

The Sulawesi we have will compliment those dishes full of balance and exotic spice.

Our Colombian Vereda la Argentina is a great morning cup with bright pleasant notes and a full chocolate finish.

And if you are looking for a heavy late night coffee our Peurvian Cajamarca FTO is rich and smoky and great with desserts.

And of course, don’t forget about our Espresso Divino which is balanced and dynamic as both drip coffee and espresso.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season.

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