Brewing at Home

Well, now that we have been French Pressing for a couple of weeks I’m sure you have made up your mind on how you like the change. I hope you have fallen head over heals, because all of us around here sure have. Now that we are serving French Press, some of you may be wondering how to do it yourself at home, and for that, there are answers.

The first step of course, to making a great French Press at home is buying a French Press. They can be purchased at the nearest Target or Walmart, and it is really up to you how big you want to buy. Then of course a kettle or some other type of pot for boiling water. The most important tool that you can purchase though is a grinder. Not just anything that grinds though, a good, solid, burr Grinder. Burr not blade, because consistency in your grind is key to unlocking a great cup of coffee. Oliver Strand of the New York Times has a great write up on why grinders are so important to the brewing process, and so instead of filling this page with a big explanation, I’ll let you take it from him┬ábecause let’s face it, he is a professional when it comes to writing, and I gotta give credit where credit is due.

If you own all the tools, the only step left is buying good coffee, and we have plenty of that on our shelves. Swing on by whenever you get the chance, try a cup here and see if you can’t recreate that delicious brew for yourself at home. Here is a quick guide to home brewing straight from our library, hope you enjoy.

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