Acquiring Taste

Believe it or not, when you work at a coffee bar you actually get a lot of people who come in and claim to not like coffee. Where as I don’t deny that this is possible, to not like coffee that is, I would bet that most of you out there that think you don’t simply haven’t tried good coffee. Trust me when I say that not all coffee tastes like coffee.

To tell you the truth, just a few years back I couldn’t stand the stuff, and in fact, even into working my first cafe job I still couldn’t bring myself to enjoy coffee. I had grown up on bad, pre-ground, grocery store coffee straight from the home dripper and believe me, if this is your only exposure to coffee, you have never really had it. It took me a while to start liking it, because even coffee shops don’t always serve good coffee. Just because a window sticker says espresso and they may have purchased a sign at the local craft store that reads “World’s Best Coffee” doesn’t mean it is true. In fact, it wasn’t until I went to a different shop than the one I was working that I was able to see how great this beverage really is, and I’ll tell you what, I am so glad I did.¬†Finally, after 6 months of working in coffee, I had experienced something worth drinking and I took this new found revelation back with me to my job.

It took me a while, and just because I had had that first cup didn’t mean I was immediately drinking straight shots of espresso either, but I found that it was worth the adventure and I started on my journey to be able to.

We are pretty proud of our espresso here. It is a rich blend of coffees from all over the world that is often full of sweet fruit flavors, well rounded, and finishes with notes of caramel and dark chocolate. We hope everyone will take the opportunity to try it from time to time, but we understand that it may take some time to get there.

For myself, my journey to drinking and enjoying espresso on its own started with mochas. I first needed to be able to enjoy coffee based beverages and I found that mochas, which are sweetened with chocolate, were great ways to start me down this road. Chocolate and espresso often accent each other very well. Next I had to cut the chocolate from the drink, so I started drinking lattes, this helped me start to appreciate what espresso on its own adds to a drink and what flavors it had to offer. After going to a latte I didn’t immediately jump to straight shots, first I got smaller. The smaller the milk drink the more the espresso was able to shine and the more I was able to enjoy it.

Finally, after the journey from 16 ounces down to 6, I made the leap to a macchiato, 1 oz. of espresso with 1 oz of Half-and-Half. I was in for a shocker on this one, but I definitely liked it. I spent some time enjoying these and then finally, I took the ultimate challenge, to see if I could endure a straight shot. But I didn’t just endure this shot, I enjoyed it. I still kept to drinking my milk drinks along the way, but getting a chance to try it on its own brought a whole new world of appreciation of coffee to me, and as a barista I was glad I could start not only serving, but also enjoying the coffee that was passing through my hands on a daily basis.

I am glad to say that I moved on from that original shop where I learned to enjoy espresso and am now here getting the chance to daily serve beautiful lattes and delicious shots of espresso. The next time you come in, consider starting your quest to enjoying espresso on its own, it was worth it for me, and not just because I serve it. I hope you can all come to enjoy everything we have to offer here in all of its forms, we are anxious to have you challenge us to bring you our best every time we pour.

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