A Few New Coffees

We have some new coffees in the shop this week that are guaranteed to impress your taste buds. I don’t want to give anything away on terms of taste right now because I don’t want to steal any thunder from the baristas working when you do come in for a try but let me tell you this.

Our first coffee hails from Mexico. The Altura Chiapas region, from Finca Santa Teresa. This coffee is Strictly High Grown (SHG), which is a rating scale used to differentiate quality based on altitude. I poured myself a nice cup of this as soon as it got in from roasting, and even fresh from the cooling tray it is already exciting me.

The next coffee we are featuring comes from the Gayo Mountain region of Mandheling, Sumatra, Indonesia. Though I haven’t had the chance to brew myself any of this coffee yet(because I’m still stuck on this Chiapas), I can tell you just from the aroma that it won’t disappoint.

Both of these coffees will be featured behind the bar via French Press through the weekend and are definitely worth a taste. Be careful though, you may get hooked and these delicious brews. And keep your eyes peeled for some more great coffee surprises hitting our shelves soon.

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