Nordaggios Coffee Blends


Nordaggios’ grandest achievement. Northern Italian-style espresso blend that performs extraordinarily well in milk-based drinks and shines as a straight espresso. This versatile blend is deep, rich, wild and savory! Exhibits strong notes of bakers chocolate, caramel and hints of dried fruit. Espresso Divino shows forth a vibrant and lively acidity mid-palate and then lingers politely to a hauntingly aromatic finish.


Brandy wine, berries and milk chocolate. This decaf blend performs well as espresso and as a drip coffee. Nordaggios decaf is an all-African blend that features a monster body and a surprisingly huge crema.


Nordaggios Black & Tan. Light roasted and dark roasted coffee unite. Sparkling acidity up-front combined with a deep, smokey undercurrent and a well-rounded earthy finish.


Nordaggios Full-City roast expression. This Seattle-style coffee is a robust and fragrant cup. Nox Atra is earthy, wild, big-bodied and dark. An excellent choice for a breakfast brew or an after-dinner coffee. Pairs well with pastries, chocolate, and decadent desserts.


A unique and widely acceptable blend of East african, Guatemalan, and Indonesian coffees. Well-balanced and good for drinking any time of the day. Works as an office coffee or cafe house blend. Sweet, moderate acidity, clean and well-rounded.


The world’s first coffee blend! A roaster’s signature, enduringly popular among Nordaggios’ patrons and wholesale clients. The Mocha Java blend celebrates early coffee history, where Indonesian and African coffees unite. Vigorous acidity with pronounced berry notes, accompanied by a velvety mouth feel and full body.

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