Brewing Methods


The Chemex is a brewing method developed by a German chemist in 1941. Whether it was to prove that he could make the best cup of coffee around or just another overly-caffeinated experiment is for history to decide. What we do know is that the Chemex is a delicious way to make your favorite cup.

The beautiful design and thick paper filter accentuate the sweetness of the coffee being used while keeping any unpleasant and bitter oils from reaching your cup. Expect a clean drink with a lot of personality.

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French Press

The French press predates all other coffee methods we use. Developed sometime in the mid-1800s and making its way to us now. Sure, it has been refined over the years to the level it is at today, but the basic principle stays the same: fully immerse your coffee in water and use a filter that doesn’t take anything with it.

The French press is known for its truth to the coffee. Body, flavor, acidity, aroma. It’s all there for you to decide.

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Hario V60

The Hario V60 comes from a design that dates back to the early 20th century. Known for its “V” shape, grooved walls, and large opening, the V60 is a great way to enjoy the nuances in the coffee you may not have noticed before. The grooved walls allow air between your filter and brewer and help all the coffee to extract evenly during the brew. The end result should be clean and balanced.

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