Coffee Hits the Big Screen


Nordaggios is sponsoring a never-before seen view of coffee from around the world. On September 18, 2014, Circle Cinema will debut a film as tantalizing and complex as the delicious brew.

A Film About Coffee

The movie has already drawn considerable attention from those who make their living around coffee. Baristas, roasters and coffee makers will travel hundreds of miles to see the film on a journey not unlike the coffee bean itself.

Brandon Roper, Director
No matter the quality of your cup, people who love coffee, love it. Coffee is about people, and people are what I’m interested in ultimately.

What draws them? The allure of coffee lies within its ability to transform from a humble bean to a widely variant liquid offering. One’s preference in the processing and preparation of coffee uniquely alters the flavors, textures and aromas that entice us.


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The film carries you around the world on the arduous but intriguing journey of coffee. From a tiny bud in Rwanda to the coffee art created by a barista in New York, this movie searches out the ingredients that make coffee a true specialty.

Holiday Hours

As the holidays are approaching the store hours have taken on a new look. Especially on the holidays, here is what it will look like for us to keep you all in the loop on when you can get your tasty coffee and treats.

Christmas Eve 10-6
Christmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day 10-9
New Year’s Eve 7:30-6
New Year’s Day CLOSED

Happy Holidays Folks!

Nordaggios Coffee Perks Up Prairie Bomb Beer

In search of the perfect espresso

In early spring, two craft beer brewers walked into the Nordaggios coffee shop looking for the perfect coffee blend for their next creation: a flavor-packed imperial stout.

“I always knew I wanted to work with Nordaggios,” said Chase Healey, owner and brewmaster of Prairie Artisan Ales. “Growing up in South Tulsa, it was a place I was quite familiar with, and they roast their own coffee.”

Healey and Freddy Lamport, owner of Biergarten, tried all the different roasts at Nordaggios. They needed a rich, bold coffee to balance the complex stout.

“Cacao nibs, ancho chilis, vanilla, it’s a big imperial stout.” said Lamport. “That’s why we chose the espresso. It was rich and bold, had a lot of flavor.”

“The espresso had the intensity we needed from the coffee to stand up to the flavor of the chocolate and the beer flavor,” said Healey.

Brewing the Perfect Stout

prairie-bomb-nordaggiosThe chemistry of the Nordaggios espresso worked out well with the brewing process.

“The Espresso Divino already has chocolatey notes, which blends well with the raw chocolate nibs and the imperial stout brewing method,” said Tor Nordstrom, owner of Nordaggios.

“Once we knew the raw materials we were using, we just kind of went for it. I tend not to overly test things,” said Healey.

Over 100 lbs. of coffee went into the 2013 brewing sessions. They only brewed a small batch at first, waiting to see how people would react to the most expensive beer they had ever done.

“The brewing process could have been risky, bringing the cayenne, chocolate, and coffee together. Nordaggios takes their hat off to the skills of Prairie Artisan Ales, really a top-notch brewer,” said Tor Nordstrom.

The payoff:

“All the flavors meld together, everything comes out very balanced, with none of the flavors overly dominating,” said Healey. “It all works together to create something unique, not just beer with a whole bunch of coffee flavor or a whole bunch of chocolate.”

Prairie Bomb went on to take the nation by storm, earning a “world-class” score in Beer Advocate.

“It kind of exploded on us. It’s nationwide and we really can’t keep up,” said Healey.

“People all over the nation, especially within the beer geek trading world, are actively seeking, desperately trying to get their hands on it,” said Lamport.

“Seeing that level of enthusiasm from people who have no connection to our brand is humbling,” said Healey.

Prairie Bomb’s success also shed light on a growing craft beer scene in Oklahoma. 2013 was a huge year for brewers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Prairie Ales, Dead Armadillo, and Rough Tail started gaining momentum, and Marshall Brewing Company celebrated their 5th anniversary.

The success of Prairie Bomb hasn’t changed the brewer’s taste in coffee. “For me, the Nordaggios espresso really nails it on the head. I can get that shot and roll; that’s my preferred coffee consumption,” said Healey.

Reserve Series: Inaugural Roast – Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha A+

We will often get asked by customers if we heard about the latest coffee shop offering ridiculously expensive coffee at their shop and the conversation will usually lead to one of two questions, or even both: Why does the coffee cost so much? and Why don’t you guys ever sell coffees like this. Often the questions fall in this order because it is a natural progression of conversation as we begin to explain why it would ever be worth paying so much for a bag of what most people consider to be one of the most generic things on the planet.

So why is it worth paying so much more than what you usually would for a “special” bag of coffee? Well, if you aren’t aware, coffee is as much produce as your generic apple and orange at your local grocery store. Sure a bag of coffee won’t rot and ruin the rest of the bags of coffee sitting around it, but it does have a shelf life, and a lot of hard work has gone in to crafting just what your coffee will taste like, all the way down to how it was initially planted.

Reserve coffees are all around, and they go for a premium price because of how perfectly crafted they are. With care taken every step of the way, from the time the coffee was a sapling, to a cherry, to a dry bean waiting to be bagged and sent across an ocean to a warehouse where your favorite roaster will find it and decide it is worth roasting. Without all the care that goes in a lot of defects and funky flavors are bound to make there way into your cup, and when you take the time to keep all those things away from the coffee, it can sometimes be worth paying more so that you can experience how incredibly dynamic coffee can be.

Now just because a coffee doesn’t cost you $30 a pound doesn’t mean it can’t also be wonderful, because they can, and often are, but the coffees that do are basically saying, “You won’t be disappointed, trust us.”

Well now we want to offer you the ability to find those incredible coffees that just might blow your socks off here at Nordaggios too. This week we introduce our Natural Yemen. What is incredible about this coffee aside from how delicious it is is that it carries a bit of history with it too. The port of Mocca, in Yemen is one of the worlds original coffee ports that shipped coffee to everywhere, and that is just where this coffee comes from. On top of that, being natural processed is how this coffee would have originally tasted hundreds of years ago when it first started making its way across the globe.

Enjoy a trip in history to experience coffee the way it was enjoyed by the earliest of travelers who made it so prevalent for all of us today. You will find lots of wonderful fruit flavors in this cup, sweet as a banana, savory as chocolate, and as delightful as blueberry pie. We hope you get the chance to try this coffee and enjoy it while it lasts.


Today we added a new cast to our line up of pastries. For a while we had been getting pastries from other bakeries around the area and about a year ago we began making our cookies and scones in house to supplement the loss of one of our suppliers. Well this turned out better than we expected and it started becoming hard for us to even keep these pastries in stock they would sell so quickly. Well we really liked this response, especially knowing all the hard work that goes into baking, but we decided to up the ante a little bit.

Today we bring you 4 new in house pastries exclusively found at Nordaggios. Replacing our current muffin selection we are now offering two delicious options:

photo 2

Vanilla Raspberry with Cardamom Strussel

photo 3

Zucchini Walnut

And our other additions come to us in the form of Quiche. A deliciously butter crust compliments the filling so nicely. Offering in two variations: Bacon Chive and Spinach Parmesan.

photo 1


We hope you love them, and we look forward to continually setting the bar higher for all of our offerings.

New Packaging

We’ve done it again, we went and changd something else about ourselves this past week. As I’m sure you could tell, simply being on this website would have clued you in to the ongoing facelift of Nordaggio’s and we’ve spruced up a bit more of our look. This week we introduced new bags for our whole bean coffee.


Now I know what you may be thinking, you’ve seen different bags on the shelf and we always just end up going back to the others after a week or two, and I completely understand any doubts you may have in seeing these ones stick around, but we are pretty happy about them, and though our bags do change from time to time due to shortages, we hope to keep these ones around for a while. Don’t worry, they are still a full pound of the same great coffees you have always received, they are just coming to you in a new outfit.

Brewing at Home

I often have folks come in to buy coffee from us with a singular question, “Why can’t I make coffee at home as good as I get here?” Well I have some good news for you, you can.  It is probably going to take a little more than what you are currently giving it, both in time and money, but If you are willing to commit to a bit more (don’t worry, its not too bad), then you at home can also make cups of coffee as good as you get at any shop.

Now before we go any farther I need to make something clear. Although brewing great espresso drinks is possible at home, you won’t get out of paying any less than about $1500 for an espresso machine and grinder, and that is for some pretty low-end stuff that won’t really produce anything close to what you get at a shop. Today we are talking about brewing great coffee at home and the investment you need to make is substantially less.

There are three items that I think are most vital to proper coffee brewing at home, and though I have a plethora of gizmos and gadgets that sit on my own kitchen counter, these are the three things that I couldn’t be consistent without, because lets face it, who cares if you can make a good cup of coffee once if you can’t make it again?

1. Burr Grinder
The first and most important Item for any home brewer is a good grinder. The biggest enemy of coffee is oxygen, because it takes away all those great aromatics that make that morning cup taste and smell so good. Pre-grinding coffee exposes more surface area of the coffee to all the oxygen around meaning the decay rate is much higher and the length of freshness is much shorter. Even if you seal it tight after every use it is just no good, you have basically lost everything good that coffee has to offer within about 20 minutes of it being ground. So what grinder should you buy?

There are many grinders on the market, and for a lot of folks cheaper is usually better, but trust me on this, it’s not this time. Usually the cheapest grinders out there are Blade Grinders. These are not good. “But why?,” you may ask, “At least I am grinding fresh, right?” Well hats off to you for grinding fresh, yes, but what you aren’t doing with that blade grinder is grinding uniformed. A blade grinder doesn’t know what size you want the beans ground to, and because there is no way for it to only grind to a singular size and coffee is just being thrown around and chopped to bits, the end result of your grinding will be lots of assorted sizes varying from big chunks down to powder. If this is what you plan to brew then you are fresh out of luck on achieving a delightfully extracted cup of joe. When water and coffee come into contact, the water pulls out the flavor trapped inside those beans, and the smaller the grind, the easier it is to extract those flavors, and not all the flavors in coffee are worth extracting. In the end, with a variety of grind sizes you end up with a variety of extraction rates leaving your resulting cup of coffee very unrefined. The powdery grinds are over-extracted while the big chunks are under-extracted and your tastebuds can’t figure out why from one sip to the next you are tasting bitter, then sour and making your mouth pucker and why it doesn’t taste anything like it smells. But there is a solution, Burrs.

Burr grinders, whether conical in shape (these are typically best at finer settings) or flat, are used to regulate the particle size of the coffee that comes out ground. When you can control the size of the coffee being ground you are able to better control the consistency of the cup you are brewing, and when you can start achieving balance in every brew, you start finding yourself being able to enjoy the coffee just how it was meant to be. Because what is the point of going through the trouble of buying better coffee if it still ends up tasting like you bought it from the supermarket?

There are a handful of great burr grinders on the market ranging widely in price. I recommend spending in the $100 range unless you really want to geek out, then the sky is the limit to how much your grinder may cost (Bodum and Capresso both make great grinders for under $100). Most grinders around this range or higher are built sturdier and grind slower, helping to keep the coffee from heating up which can also hurt your brewing. Either way, whether you want to spend upwards of $100 or not, you wont get out of paying around $50, unless you decide to go the hand grinding route(Hario makes a couple of great options to choose from), which can be very enjoyable, but it will take a bit more dedication and time.

2. Digital Gram Scale
Now this is definitely the geekiest item you will pick up, and people will probably tease you when you pull it out to make some coffee for them, but trust me, nobody will be laughing once they taste what you have to offer.

Having a scale on hand, next to owning a proper grinder is the best way to ensure better results from cup to cup. With a grinder you get consistent particle size, and with a scale you make sure you know exactly how much coffee you used when that cup tasted so good and it makes it all repeatable. Most coffee professionals out there recommend a brewing ratio of about 17:1. That being 17 parts water to 1 part coffee. Well how is that going to do you any good if you aren’t aware of what that even means?

An ounce of water comes in right around 29, so the best starting point on brewing ratio will be about 1.8g of coffee to every ounce of water. If you are looking to brew one cup (10oz if you are drinking out of a typical coffee mug) of coffee to drink for yourself in the morning, try out about 18g of coffee and take it from there. If its to week, add a bit more coffee, and vice-versa if it’s to strong. You will figure out for yourself what tastes best, because in the end, you are the one drinking it and you know what you like.

3. Water Purifier
Finally, and you may think it odd that I am not telling you to go out and get a brand new brewer, get a water purifier. For me, this was as simple as going to Wal-Mart and buying the cheapest Britta set up they had.

Why is water quality so important to brewing coffee? Because coffee is about 98% water, so you can imagine how much the integrity of the water you’re using will effect the final cup. In some places, tap water is completely ok to use because it is refined enough to promote good extraction, here in Tulsa though, it is terrible and will negatively effect what you are tasting. I was having problems with brewing a while back and every cup I brewed was coming out overly veggie in flavor with lots of sour and dill aromas. I decided to change my water filter and literally every problem I was having with the exact same coffee was immediately resolved. So do yourself a favor, use good water.

There are plenty of other things you can get to improve the quality of coffee at your house, from thermometers and kettles to entirely new brewing devices, but just the three things I have gone over today will immediately improve the quality of what you are brewing. And in the end, if you are only going to buy one thing, save up to invest in that grinder, you won’t regret the results you get from it.

A New Year

Looking back on 2012 is a good sight. We made it through another great year. We are continuing to see growth and improvement as a company and are doing our best to show you just how much we appreciate your support of us by pushing ourselves to raise the bar on the quality that we are putting out there for you.

We hope 2013 serves you well, that blessings be bestowed onto your lives and spread into the lives of all you encounter. May 2013 be a year of delight for you all and may everyday find you with a warm and delicious coffee beverage in hand.

Thanks and stay tuned for what’s next.

Holiday Hours

As next week rolls around we will be amending our hours a bit.

As you know, we have been closing early throughout the winter break, but here is a bit of a more comprehensive list of our hours to get you through the New Year.

Christmas Eve: 11a – 6p

Christmas Day: Closed

Boxing Day (Dec 26th): 11a – 9p

New Year’s Eve: 11a – 6p

New Year’s Day: Closed

Caffeinated Christmas

Happy Holidays!

The season has come quickly upon us. Our faithful college folks have left for the break and things have slowed down around here a bit. But even in the cool days leading up to Christmas we still make a mean latte. The fire place is blazing and the lights are cozy. It is a perfect time to finally come relax and not be overwhelmed with studies.

Along with that, as you head out to see family or they come in to visit you make sure you treat them right with warm mugs of their favorite caffeinated beverages. We have fresh roasted coffees hitting our shelves today just in time for all your parties and get togethers. Be sure not to miss out on the great coffees we have to offer so that you can offer them along with any dish.

We brought back our Natural Gelana Abaya, Yirgacheffe just for the occasion. It is our last bag so get it while you still have the chance. The bright blueberry and rich bourbon flavors should go great with dark rich desserts.

The Sulawesi we have will compliment those dishes full of balance and exotic spice.

Our Colombian Vereda la Argentina is a great morning cup with bright pleasant notes and a full chocolate finish.

And if you are looking for a heavy late night coffee our Peurvian Cajamarca FTO is rich and smoky and great with desserts.

And of course, don’t forget about our Espresso Divino which is balanced and dynamic as both drip coffee and espresso.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season.